The Conversation: “Milk is Being Used to Promote White Supremacy”

Alt-Right, Race, Regressive Left, Rundown

Two intellectuals from Lund University have come together to create an article more comical than any parody of self-aggrandizing, virtue signalling, leftist professors could ever be. In a recent article, Iselin Gambert and Tobias Linné spelt out how the alt-right is using milk to promote the theory that whites are genetically superior to other races, and before you ask, no we are not kidding and as far as we know neither are they.

The article starts with a small quote that can only be described as concentrated leftist with a dash of self-congratulatory sarcasm that reads “You’ve been drinking the fascist, white supremacist, white neo-Nazi milk … To be a successful Antifa soldier, you have to become a soy boy.” The article begins by describing the term “Soy Boy,” which is a term based on a stereotype of the weak modern man who only drinks soy milk. The term “soy boy” is generally used in relatively benign circumstances to describe a certain type of post-modernist weakling, yet the authors chose to jump right over that to the tremendously rare times when the term has been used in a racist way.

They begin by describing the scene outside an anti-Trump art installation where several shirtless men chanted a variety of egregious statements about several minority groups while all the time drinking milk straight out of the carton. This is to say that, despite “soy boy” being used in a non-racial context for most its existence by the vast majority of those who chose to use the term, this group of racists have now made the term, and the superior affiliate “milk” into something riddled with white supremacy.

The article moves on to describe how milk is also being used to harbour toxic masculinity by narrowly defining how men are supposed to act. Essentially, by associating the term “soy boy” with men who act like submissive shells, considering that dairy milk has been determined to be soy milk’s superior, then milk not only promotes white supremacy, it also promoted harmful gender stereotypes, a stretch to say the very least.

Now you may ask yourself, why take the time to even deconstruct such an article? It would seem like a waste of time to expend such effort of the lunatic ramblings of two leftist schizophrenics who believe everything except those who consume soy products and revere failed economic structures to be racist, you may think. In fact, deconstructing the logic of such individuals is important. However hilarious the readers and author of this article think their ramblings are, there are people who will read this and believe milk is being used to push a racist agenda and it’s important for people with two neurons to rub together to counteract the narrative.

Emilio Garcia
Deputy Editor, The Unshackled
Host of the Front and Center Podcast