Stormy Daniels Says she can Describe Donald Trump’s Genitals

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Stormy Daniels was recently on “Sixty Minutes” to talk about her affair with Donald Trump. She was paid off to keep silent about the alleged affair just before election day in the US but claims the NDA is not valid since the President himself did not sign it.

The interview itself is rather uneventful because the lion share of the accusations are completely legal and describe consensual sex between two adults. There was one allegation which, if true, is a criminal offence, where Stormy claims she was threatened with violence to keep quiet, but thus far this has yet to be proved.

The strangest allegations were that, due to her lack of evidence, Stormy Says she could prove her affair by describing Donald Trump’s genitals, a line that Anderson Cooper who was interviewing stormy for 60 Minutes found to be perfectly reasonable. The issue here is that her first-hand account of Donald Trump’s genitals is not evidence, as genitals tend to be quite standard when it comes to appearance and corroborating her story would mean examining the genitals of the President of the United States and comparing notes.

It seems to be that Donald Trump did have an affair with this woman, and it while he was married to Melania, and right after his son Barron was born. Were Story lying about the affair there would be little reason to pay her off. That being said, this happened years before his election and has no legal ramifications attached to it, and it seems like Stormy is just telling her story for the spotlight.

Emilio Garcia
Deputy Editor, The Unshackled
Host of the Front and Center Podcast