Somalian Daycare Operators Found To Be Cheating The System

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Education Minister Simon Birmingham has announced today that 53 family daycare services across Australia will have their federal funding cut due to findings of fraudulent conduct. The Grandparent Child Care Benefit — a government program which is 100 percent subsidised by the federal government, has been widely rorted, with excessive fees and allegedly falsified documents allowing many daycare operators to take advantage of a system which was originally intended to ease childcare costs for families with young children. The rort has seen more than $1 billion worth of tax payer money claimed by dodgy day care centres throughout Australia, with more operators likely to be caught out as investigations continue.

A significant portion of the daycare centres involved in the scandal are reportedly run by directors who immigrated to Australia from Somalia, with Victoria emerging as the state with the highest number of offenders. In fact, according to the corporate regulator, 25 of the 27 day care centre operators which were found to have acted dishonestly within Victoria, were run by directors who had immigrated to Australia from Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Ethiopia, and Eritrea. The federal government’s investigations into Australian daycare centres are ongoing, with similar findings likely to emerge in the coming months.

  • Richard N Grant

    Do they have to repay what they have stolen ?

  • Harleyrose

    We made a terrible mistake removing whips and chains from the equation…

  • bel Ashe

    Now we know that these people are here to scam our country lets put a lens over every business they create!

  • Gary Schuy

    And you are telling us how hard working Africans are.Yes they are busy screwing us and you cover for them.Shame on you.Next Elections you are all out.

  • Ernest Risiott

    I noticed no mention of arrests, charges, or retrieved funds?

    • Susie N Nick Nichols

      Probably because there hasn’t been any, and most likely won’t..

  • Brett Nordby

    These people or migrants believe scamming the system is just another job, I would not doubt if one of them came into try and claim unemployment after mugging someone in downtown, you know it is hard work mugging a little old lady!!!

  • Susie N Nick Nichols

    Why are we letting all the rot come into this country? There are good people out there, in SA.. whom we should be helping.. but our PM only likes the criminals and cheats coming to Australia. Out with Turnbull.. Peter Dutton for PM !!!