Roy Moore’s Loss in Alabama: Not a Win for Democrats, a Loss for Republicans.

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Alabama is the fifth most conservative state in the United States. The state’s voters are adamantly pro-life, pro-conservative-values, and pro-religious-liberties. Yet yesterday, against all odds, the Republican candidate for Senate was defeated by a liberal, pro-choice, democrat.

The left hailed this victory as a push for liberal principals, and the come-back of the democratic party establishment. But they’re wrong. This is not a win for the Democratic party, it’s a loss for Republicans.

It’s a loss of their claim to the moral high-ground. While Democrats kicked out their alleged sexual accusers, Republicans endorsed theirs. Surely the ousting of Al Franken was politically driven manoeuvring, but however disingenuous it was, the Dems did what the Republicans could not do.

Democrats are going to use the Republican party’s endorsement of Roy Moore against them every chance they get, and will most certainly keep the sexual scandals front-and-centre for as long as humanly possible to attack the Republicans and the President.

In a state as red as Alabama, a write-in campaign for a traditional and clean conservative could have easily defeated the Democratic candidate, yet the Republicans held strong for the alleged child molester. This is a not so much a good day for Democrats, as it is a bleak day for Republicans.

Emilio Garcia
Contributor to The Unshackled
Host of the Front and Center Podcast