Republicans Release New Ad Targeting the Left: Unhinged

Donald Trump, Regressive Left, Rundown, US Politics

As the mainstream American left turns it’s back on moderates and moves closer towards extremism, a new campaign has been released by the Republican National Committee that targets no individual candidate, rather the left as a whole.

The author of this piece tries to draw a distinction between the “left” which is made up of rational people, and the “leftists” that are made up of ANTIFA type militant ideologues with fascistic tendencies. This distinction, however, has been rendered almost useless in today’s American landscape, as the politicians and commentators who appeal to the left have become tremendously extreme in nature.

It seems to be that the DNC (democratic national committee) has all but confirmed Bernie Sanders’ candidacy against Donald Trump, putting a self-proclaimed socialist at the head of the party’s agenda. CNN has moved from a moderate left-leaning outlet into an all-day Trump-bashing network that will use all the miscategorization and sensationalism necessary to paint anyone right of Bernie Sanders as dangerous extremists.

In other words, the American political left has set itself up to become a propaganda tool to be used against itself, and you can watch below the result of this:

Emilio Garcia
Deputy Editor, The Unshackled
Host of the Front and Center Podcast