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Recent School Shooter Stopped by Armed Police Officer / MSM Barely Covers the Story

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Another tragic shooting took place in the US, luckily in this shooting as opposed to many of the other shooting we’ve seen recently, the only fatality was the shooter himself. At the time being, only there were only two victims who were shot, none of whom died but unfortunately one remains in critical condition.


We all owe Deputy Blaine Gaskill a debt of gratitude for keeping children safe, yet it seems like the media has been very quiet on an issue which is front and centre at the moment. Think about this for a minute, a walkout on behalf of students has wall-to-wall coverage while the latest school shooting hasn’t even made the front page of any large media outlet except for Fox News.


This is probably because their narrative has been turned on its head. This author is not a gun-nut by any stretch of the imagination and thinks some regulations can curb gun violence, but the idea that banning all guns will reduce school shooting more efficiently than armed security guards at schools is simply not accurate. The confiscation of guns is something the US will never see, whether you agree with it or not, but the end of mass shootings in American schools will happen.


The argument that schools shouldn’t have to resort to armed guards cannot really be refuted. I agree that in an ideal world schools were safe because the society surrounding it was free from murderous maniacs. But when you live in the real-world where societies ills have not been eradicated, and where you have massive concentrations of defenceless children gathering together every day in building across the nation, protecting them by a trained, certified, and responsible officer should not be taboo.


Emilio Garcia
Deputy Editor, The Unshackled
Host of the Front and Center Podcast