Prince George: The next Dylan Roof… or King Leopold II?

British Politics, Children, Rundown, Satire, Social Media

Concerned citizens expressed global outrage today, jumping on social media to let everyone know how in touch they are with reality after Prince George displayed a troublesome penchant for routine childhood horseplay.

Letting us all know that Diana still got shooters out here.

Prince George – age 4 – was seen enjoying his white privilege by brandishing a toy gun and not being violently apprehended by law enforcement personnel during a day out at the Polo which we can surely all relate to.

Twitter user @catmommy1965 expressed what we were all feeling when she wrote: “How could you be so negligent? I never allow my precious buttons to even be in the room when Die Hard comes on the telly. Bad parenting.”

Which begs the question: will prince George grow up to be the next Dylan Roof? Or will he aspire to greatness and instead continue on the legacy of Belgium’s King Leopold II and found the Congo Free State 2? My money’s on the latter. Dream big George, and don’t let those haters get you down!