Prince George Plays with a Toy Gun/ Leaves Leftists Outraged


During a royal family outing, Prince George, a four-year-old member of the royal family, started to play with some toys. Photos of the family outing and Prince George were posted, and the contents of those images drove many leftists to outrage. The reason? Prince George was playing with a toy gun.

Watch quick coverage below:

People took to twitter claiming that allowing a child to play with a plastic gun is unacceptable considering the current political climate surrounding actual guns. However, the idea that somehow by allowing a child to play around with a fake plastic gun is some kind of egregious act is laughable. Kids have been playing with plastic guns for a very long time, and few of them grow up to me murderers.

The outrage machine continues to function, finding offense in evermore pedestrian and unimportant occurrences.