Poll: Should Australia Legalize Recreational Marijuana Use?

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Marijuana is classified as a controlled substance in Australia, and though laws vary somewhat state-to-state, the consumption, distribution, and production of marijuana is punishable by law. Across the globe, there are fewer than 20 countries with laxed recreational marijuana laws.

Many say that marijuana is a gate-way drug, leading those who consume it to much stronger substances, as well as a drug dangerous to the proper development of young people who consume it. Many others say that marijuana has shown very low health risks to users, and that the illegalization causes more harm than good for Australian society and law-enforcement. What are your thoughts?

Should Australia Legalize Recreational Marijuana Use?

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  • William Buckley

    Forty five years ago I was arrested for supplying a friend 0.65 of a gram of cannabis in my home. The Drug Squad were outside peeping through my windows waiting for me to share what I had with my friend. When I gave my friend the pot the coppers burst in and I was carted off to prison. In Court I was given two years imprisonment and sent to the harshest prison in Western Australia, not a good place for a peace and love hippy. While in prison I lost everything I owned and my girlfriend terminated her pregnancy because I was in prison and unable to support her. Life on the outside became more difficult for me as a ex-convict and my family were always ashamed of me. Employment became more difficult especially later on when you had to show your criminal history just to get a cleaning job. I have fought back against the system wherever I could and have sabotaged any Government action to get tough on drugs. In 1987 during the America’s Cup Yacht Race I rolled the World’s Longest Joint which was 12 metres long and contained one kilogram of cannabis to protest against the oppressive drug laws in Worst Australia. I couldn’t care less if the Government legalises cannabis or not because I will be seeking to avenge the harm that was done to me at every opportunity. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1745e94116a72cd1fa38f54ccfe7a4de8f7cb6e502eef39cbcdad00e994d8b63.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/dc9b0f86a4ee728535b3ee1724443aa1a9d8b1bdea2fd4d2cf842ea0760d5606.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6b3dda8d8113acd08ba0fcbf4e6ce788870a21d82d3fd4370cc508134c371fc1.jpg