Peter Grace, Think We’re So Wrong? Debate Us Then Big Man


Peter Grace clearly has very strong opinions about The Unshackled and has had not held back from making those opinions seen. Most of the articles released by The Unshackled will see Peter Grace’s highly complex and intellectual commentary, including such recurring phrases “kiddie drivel” and “alt-right fanboys”.

Now, Peter Grace’s rhetoric got him banned from YouTube for bullying, but we at The Unshackled are all about discourse and freedom of speech, which is why we officially invite Peter Grace to debate one of our contributors publicly over a live stream. After all, text is so impersonal, let’s talk about our kiddie drivel and what makes us so awful.

For context, Peter is somewhat of a former Radio personality, producing the “Martin/Malloy” show and occasionally co-hosting on the “Get This”. Peter is also somewhat popular on, where a petition was created to overturn his ban on YouTube. The petition requested 200 signatures, and eight months later has garnered over ONE HUNDRED signatures (one hundred and ten to be exact), showcasing the strong support he has from his dozens of fans.

We’ve based the subjects of the debate based on the types of articles he tends to comment on, though Peter is welcome to add to this list if he sees fit:
• US Gun Debate
• The Alt-Right
• Racism
• Feminism

Peter Grace, the ball is in your court. Talk soon.

Emilio Garcia
Deputy Editor, The Unshackled
Host of the Front and Center Podcast