OP-ED Antifa: How the Alt-Right Uses Logic and Facts to Spread White Supremacy

Antifa, Rundown, Satire

When I decided to write this article, I had people come up to me and tell me that the first thing I should do is to clearly define what the Alt-Right is, and how I define white supremacy. After they stopped white-splaining to me, I beat them to a pulp for using the hyper-toxic language employed by the fascists Alt-Right extremists. Don’t be fooled, the alt-right is absolutely everywhere, and they are determined to spread white supremacy to every area of our lives by any means necessary.

First let’s get one thing straight: extremists on the right like Ben Shapiro, Mark Latham, and Adolf Hitler are determined to use hyper-logical speech to undermine the ideas and interests of minority groups and Social Justice Warriors.

Take for example the misogynistic assertion that women in the west are not victims. We know that they are victims because of the anecdotal lived experience of the women in our left-leaning circles who have to navigate in a world run by manspreading alpha males. The Alt-Right, on the other hand, uses so-called “facts and figures” by well known Nazi propaganda outlets like the Pew Research Centre and the Federal Bureau of Statistics to try and debunk, and thus slut-shame, women who claim otherwise.

Remember, when they say “multi-variate analyses of wages reduce the pay-gap to well into the margin of error” what they’re really doing is pledging allegiance to the Nazi Party of Germany circa 1933.

If we let this normalization of “factual reasoning” take hold then we can’t be surprised when alt-right racists ask us to use facts to back up statements on absolute realities such as the existence of systemic racism that has caused minorities to make 98% less than their white counterpart for the same exact job while being whipped by their supervisors. And if they tell you that these figures simply just can’t be true or stare at you with confused looks on their faces, it’s just because they have yet to become WOKE.

It’s time to tell these cis-white men that we will not tolerate their rules any longer. Asking us to use logic and facts to back up our arguments is no different from asking a black person to sit in the back of the bus. The future is now. The future is queer. Down with fascists. Down with Facts and logic. #RESIST