Obama Says He Had No Scandals… So Here are Just Some of His Scandals

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During a speech at MIT, 44th president of the United States, Barrack Obama, claimed his administration had no scandals, drawing a comparison between him and the current president who has had several in a relatively brief time in office. This is, however, a blatant miscategorization or a flat-out lie, as the Obama administration had many serious scandals. Maybe between signing a deal to produce with Netflix or undermining the current administration abroad Barry simply forgot about his sub-par administration’s scandals, so we’ve decided to list them out for him:

1) Obama Directed his IRS to Target Conservative Groups: In 2013 it came to light that the Internal Revenue Service was targeting conservative organizations by attacking their tax-exempt status. Louis Lerner who was the director of the IRS Exempt Organizations division and was suspected of acting under the direction of the White House claimed her innocence when testifying before Congress while pleading her 5th amendment right not to self-incriminate. Later, Justice Department prosecutor, Barbara Bosserman, who donated almost $7,000 USD to the Obama Campaign found there was no reasonable reason to prosecute or further investigate the matter.

2) “Fast and Furious” the Government Sols Thousands of Guns to Mexican Drug Cartels: This operation was meant to be a sting operation where guns would be sold to individuals with known ties to Mexican drug smugglers and cartels… until they lost track of the sold guns. Not only did the Obama Administration lose the guns sold to dangerous criminals, but soon thereafter many of these weapons were found at the scene of various murders of both Mexican and American victims. Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder, was later held in contempt of Congress for refusing to turn over files regarding this case.

3) Tax-Payer Funded Luxury Travel: Under the careful watch of the Obama Administration, the General Service Administration was paying out huge amounts of money to fund government officials´ luxury travel arrangements, including one trip to Las Vegas that cost the division over $30,000 USD.

4) An Estimated 300,000 Dead Veterans Due to Corruption Within the Department of Veterans Affairs: The Obama administration carelessly botched the budget and staffing of the VA’s department during a time of tremendous increases to the cost of providing healthcare. The Department of Veterans Affairs’ hospitals whose sole responsibility is to look after soldiers who fought for the US put veterans who were seeking care on fake waiting lists. This was done to keep up with their quotas of care with inadequate staffing and budget. The hospital employees also forged paperwork that would indicate the veterans being put on the waitlists has received healthcare.

5) Obama’s Department of State Denying Benghazi Embassy’s Requests for Additional Security before Deadly Attack: Under the watch of then Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, the US Embassy in Benghazi suffered a terrorist that left four dead, including the US ambassador to Libya, and various others injured. The embassy requested additional security various times citing the fear of an attack, but the Department of State denied their requests numerous times.

6) Obama Pledging “More Flexibility” to Russia after his second-term election: With all of this talk of Trump/Russia collusion, it is often forgotten that Obama himself was recorded on a hot-mic telling President Dmitry Medvedev, a well-known Putin puppet, that since this was his last election he would soon have more flexibility, to which Dmitry said responded that he’d let Putin know. Watch the video below:

7) Obama’s Attempt to Fix Senatorial Race in Democrat’s favour: During a Pennsylvania Senate primary where Republican Joe Sestak was challenging Senator Arlen Specter, the Obama white house tried to interject to favour the Democratic Senator. The Obama administration offered Joe Sestak a job, though it was quickly exposed by the press. Both Sestak and Obama claim the job was simply an offer for an unpaid position, but this is widely believed to be a lie as an unpaid job offered on behalf of a Democrat President to the Republican challenger of a Democratic Senator during a hostile Republican congressional majority would have to carry more weight to dissuade him from running, not to mention that claiming it had nothing to do with the election is simply not credible.

These are just a few of Barrack Obama’s reckless presidency. That he is still hailed as some kind of hero by so many is dumbfounding as he saw a dramatic increase of warfare in the middle east, as well as a radical de-stabilization of the region, the slowest economic recovery from a crisis in history, less laws passed than any other president, growing racial apathy between US citizens, massive civilian casualties due to careless drone strikes, and the largest infringement of citizens’ privacy with his NSA information collection program, the director of which lied under oath about the nature of the work Obama directed him to undertake.

Obama was, by any objective measure, a lousy president with multiple scandals surrounding his administration. To claim otherwise is simply inaccurate

Emilio Garcia
Deputy Editor, The Unshackled
Host of the Front and Center Podcast