NYT Hires Woman with History of Anti-White Racism to Editorial Board

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Sarah Jeong has just joined the New York Time’s editorial team, and almost as soon as her position was made public people came across some troubling rhetoric. It seems Sarah has a clear history of raging anti-white racism exemplified by her twitter feed that features regular anti-white speech.

Once the New York Times was reasonably questioned about the decision to hire someone with a history of negatively bigoted racial rhetoric, they released the following statement:

The statement seems to make reference to the fact that she is Asian, which is of little practical significance, combined with the fact that she’s been harassed online as well. In other words, she can’t be racist, she’s a victim. A similar victim-card defense was used by Sarah herself in a statement that included pictures negative tweets being directed at her included in her apology.

Now in the point of view of this author, people should not be readily disqualified from polite society for making mistakes. Surely the comments and actions a person has made in the past are not necessarily central to a person’s current character. That being said, one must wonder if the Sarah would have been so easily forgiven if the following tweets were directed at any group other than white people:

It’s probably safe to assume that that level of vile racist rhetoric would have been met by nothing less than full and unapologetic condemnation on behalf of the people at the New York Times. The double-standard is palpable.

Emilio Garcia
Deputy Editor, The Unshackled
Host of the Front and Center Podcast