Maxine Waters Responds to Every Criticism with Claims of Racism

Donald Trump, Identity Politics, Political correctness, Race, Rundown

Democratic senator from California, Maxine Waters, has been negatively portrayed on a number of issues throughout her career. There are questions about her financials, voting record, argumentative integrity, political knowledge, etc. Most reasonable elected representatives would meet these criticisms head-on; Maxine Water’s approach, however, has always been to call “racism”.

Tucker Carlson once asked a question which many would say came from a place of reasonable doubt: How is Maxine Waters able to afford such a lavish lifestyle when she’s spent her career in the public sector? Maxine Waters responded to this by saying Tucker Carlson was being racist because he was saying that she, as a black woman, was not allowed to lead that lifestyle.

Recently Donald Trump said that Maxine Waters needed to get an IQ test, quoting some of the things she’s said in the past. She again cried “racism”, claiming that the president’s assumptions about her intelligence have a racial outline to them. Mind you, he never said anything about Maxine Waters being black, yet she seems to have somehow brought all of this back to race.

The move to label any type of criticism of a person of colour as racism is supremely dangerous. This means we’re holding certain people to different standards than others. Racist comments deserve to be chastised, but this is far from providing any and all non-whites in public life blanket immunity from criticism for fear of being called a racist.

Emilio Garcia
Deputy Editor, The Unshackled
Host of the Front and Center Podcast