Make Australia Britain Again: When Will the UK’s Trend of Tyranny Reach Us?

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*Update available at the end of the article*

The UK’s slow walk towards a full-blown Orwellian tyranny looks all too familiar. As more and more standards of appropriate thought were imposed at a societal level, the stream eventually lead down to the politicians eager to pick up constituents by playing to emotional convictions. Little by little, we saw the UK government preoccupying itself more with seeming humanistic and empathetic while leaving the real-world consequences of their actions by the wayside.

Eventually, this led to the ultimate displays of politically-progressive virtue signalling involving, above all, freedoms of rhetoric and immigration. The far-left minority that happens to be the small minority that screams the loudest began to take reins of newly formed regulations around education, hate-speech, and immigration, while the sensibilities and preferences of the rest of the population were evermore ignored.

Where is the UK now? Leftists have been appeased with gender-neutral schools and hate-speech regulations, while the rest of the population must deal with the documented cover-ups on behalf of authorities regarding the crimes of many of the unvetted peoples let into the country as well as the intimidation and incarceration of those who dare to try to expose and report on the government’s shortcoming.

Where is Australia now? On the same dangerous path. The government is quickly taking on a model of outlawing anything that offends a highly fragile minority of far-left ideologues. The days of reasonable debate between two parties of good faith is quickly being left behind. A statement about immigration, sexuality, or gender that does not match the standard established by a select few can be categorized as hate-speech, and the government is now moving to legally enforce their ideological standards of virtue.

Free speech is now being pushed away from the general consensus of free rhetoric regardless of content, to accepted rhetoric based on content.

What has this lead to in the UK? An exemplary case of tyrannical oppression in the form of Jailing an activist who cared to report on a case of consequential importance that few dared to go near for fear of the optics of the situation. A vicious gang of child-rapists and drug-dealers was being sentenced, and Tommy Robinson was arrested and sentenced to 13 months in prison for daring to stand outside the courthouse and try to report on what was happening. This is, however, just a symptom of a far greater disease.

The question is, how long does Australia have to follow in the footsteps of the UK for their tyranny to be replicated here?

Update: NSW attorney general, Mark Speakman, has announced an expansion of “Hate Speech” laws that increase penalties for incendiary language against 31 groups. The charges include an $11,000 dollar fine and up to three years in prison. This is a terrifying step towards tyranny.

Emilio Garcia
Deputy Editor, The Unshackled
Host of the Front and Center Podcast