LIVE: Australia Day Watch – Leftists Protestors Block Roads in Major Cities

Australian Politics, Identity Politics, Rundown

We hope that you are enjoying your Australia Day celebrating how lucky we are to live in such a great country. But of course the left are out in force to sabotage the day and spoil everyone’s good time. You only need to look at their pollution of social media to start with as #invasionday #survival and #aboriginalpeoplemourn now trending on twitter and the usual leftist activists tweeting about what a horrible day this is.

They are also out of the streets of our major cities to rage about invasion day, they were blocking the busy intersection outside Flinders Street Station in Melbourne to have their invasion day speeches.

In Sydney they were marching from Redfern to Broadway blocking traffic all along the way and supported by left wing Greens politicians David Shoebridge and Lee Rhiannon. There are reports of some violence at the rally with protestors assaulting police.

In Canberra people from the Aboriginal Tent Embassy have marched to Parliament House claiming we are racist nation and demanding a treaty between our government and the aboriginal community.



  • Stewart Lowe

    They seem to be young (circa 20 years old) and female – university Humanities students…what kind of idiotic emotive remark is, “smash the state”? what would that silly bitch do for breakfast the next morning if that happened? …if the instrumentality of the state was destroyed. They are the sort of people who would blow up an electricity power station and then expect to go home and turn on the electric light.