Latest Logic: If You Oppose War, You Must Be a Bigot

The political establishment have celebrated Donald Trump’s 180 U-turn on his stance on Syria. After the chemical weapons attack last week was blamed on the Assad regime (without any real proof) Trump launched airstrikes on Syrian airfields. The consequences of Trump’s actions, which were egged on by European nations and also Australia, have been huge. Regime change in Syria now looks likely according to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley which would involve a significant increase in US troops and funds to that region of the world. A military confrontation with Russia is still a very likely possibility with Russia declaring it will strike back if Syria is attacked again.

The media reaction has been just as chilling, they have universally praised Trump’s actions and gone into full war propaganda mode. CNN host Fareed Zakaria proclaimed that the airstrikes was when we saw Donald Trump officially become a US President. Apparently saying mean words makes you literally Hitler but while bombing a country and potentially starting a war makes you a statesman. It was never questioned by the mainstream media that Assad might not be responsible or think through logically the consequences of yet another US led war in the Middle East.

But easily the most disturbing aspect of the media’s and political establishment’s reaction has been the demonization of opponents of the airstrikes. One of the most prominent groups opposed to Trump’s change in policy have been his most enthusiastic supporters, the alt-right. As we previously reported, contrary to the stereotype, the alt-right are not all mindless cheerleaders for God Emperor Trump and can think for themselves. They are motivated by deeply held underlying philosophy and are not another bunch of partisan hacks.

Because the alt-right philosophy is about having governments look after the people in their own homeland first, not involve ourselves in overseas conflicts that don’t concern our security and rejecting mass immigration that causes social and cultural unrest they have been hysterically labelled Nazis. The vitriol directed against them for simply advocating looking after people at home first has led to many mainstream opinion pieces and videos defending the punching of people who you believe are Nazis. The logic is that because you are convinced these people are full of hate any action act of violence against them is justified.

In recent days, this has led to mainstream media labeling war opponents Nazis, racists, sexists and anti-Semites. It has led to a quite a conundrum for leftists and progressives. Do they become anti-war again because a conflict has been started by a person they have claimed is literally Hitler? But then that would mean they are siding with the alt-right or Nazis as they put it, and they of course couldn’t concede that a movement they have branded hateful, is actually advocating the least hateful policy you could think of: not blowing innocent brown people halfway across the world.

We got an answer to that predicament over the weekend with prominent alt-right commentator Richard Spencer leading a protest outside the White House in opposition to Syrian air strikes. Perhaps scared of his humanitarian message getting out, so called Antifa protestors showed up to drown out his message, assaulted his supports and once again advocating that Spencer be punched. It was pretty easy to tell during this protest who is for peace and who is for violence and the political establishment.

Leftists have often been the worst partisan cheerleaders you could imagine. They were anti-war during the George W. Bush years but turned a blind eye to Obama’s war crimes and foreign interventions in the past 8 years. Once the chemical attack happened they begged Trump to do something but now he has let them to their current predicament. What is more important to the left? Hating people they call Nazis or doing the right thing by the people of the world.

The alt-right has emerged from these past few days with its credibility as a movement significantly increased. The fact that the media and the political establishment now say that if you oppose mass murder you are a bigot shows just how insane our world as became. You can call anti-war people all the things you want, but we don’t care because not being for bombing people, spilling our nations’ blood, sweat and money on another foreign intervention that will make the world less safe gives us the satisfaction we are in the right.






Tim Wilms

Tim Wilms is Editor-in-Chief of The Unshackled and host of The Unshackled Waves podcast. He is based in Melbourne, Victoria where he also does field reports.

  • If you are anti-war, you would support massive foreign intervention in Syria to end the bloodshed and help the country in the painful process of getting back on track politically and economically. I hope that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is sorting out the details of joint occupation with the Russians. The real concern of the Russians is not propping up Assad but crushing the salafi jihadists (terrorists). Also I hope the US military is starting the trickle of troops and equipment that will need to become a torrent in the next month or so. Their job will be to destroy Al Qaeda and Daesh (ISIS) and any other armed groups not signed up to the peace process. Parallels can be drawn with the NATO occupation of Bosnia which ended the slaughter and genocide in that country 20 years ago.