Day One of Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearings Were a Bipartisan Disgrace

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Embarrassing. Absolutely unbecoming of the judiciary of the most powerful country in the world, dealing with one of it’s most significant judiciary appointments. Don’t be fooled by the stories that told you that only one party acted inappropriately because today’s blame is bipartisan.

Kavanaugh, for the most part, is exactly what one would want from a supreme court justice. Many on the right, especially among Trump’s most ardent supporters, believed that Kavanaugh was too close to the centre, too politically neutral and claimed Trump could have done much better with a more right-leaning justice nominee. This is what supreme court justices are supposed to look like. Originalists who interpret the constitution as stands free from political considerations.

Speaking of “free from political considerations,” let’s go now to a chamber that was anything but politically neutral. The first day of confirmation hearings for Brett Kavanaugh surprisingly enough could have probably taken place without Kavanaugh in the room at all. This battle-of-burns political theatre did little to address the judicial philosophy of the appointee and instead focused on name-calling and character attacks.

As the Republicans postured themselves as taking the high ground, they stood at the same level as Democrats pointing out their hypocrisy and their lack of standing when it came to their request to postpone the hearings. Passive vindication was given to Kavanaugh, calling him perfectly qualified for the job, but not much detail could be given as so much of Republicans’ time was given to bolstering about their political opponents.

Democrats, of course, were no better. The misconstruing and purposeful striking of context regarding Kavanaugh’s history, statements, and work took centre stage during the Democrats’ speeches. Democrats claimed that the Trump administration was appointing the judge due to animus against women and minorities and to clear himself of the threat of inditement. Behind Kavanaugh, protestors including sharia-law advocate Linda Sarsour were escorted out after interrupting the proceedings.

An opportunity to review Kavanaugh’s full body of work was denied to those who would question him, providing thousands of requested documents (making up 90% of the requested documents) only hours before the hearings were set to begin. Of course, this would matter in a scenario where congressmen would review a body of work, ask relevant questions, and make a decision on how to cast their vote based on the information they were provided during the hearings. However in this case, even before Kavanaugh has had the chance to answer his first question, senators have already made up their mind. To oppose or uphold the nomination purely for political purposes, and questioning the nominee purely for theatrics. This is absolutely unbecoming of the Senate and its members.

Emilio Garcia
Deputy Editor, The Unshackled
Host of the Front and Center Podcast
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