Ivanka’s Emails: Not Nearly As Bad As Clinton, But Certainly Imprudent

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The most recent email scandal is coming from an unlikely source. Ivanka Trump, daughter to President Trump himself who railed against his 2016 presidential opponent for the use of a private email account to conduct government business, has herself been found to be using a private email account to conduct government business.

Yes, CNN, MSNBC, and other left-leaning outlets have pounced hard on Ivanka’s newest scandal, and it’s not hard to see why. The optics of it are clickbait magic. Donald Trump leads chants to lock up Hillary Clinton over her illicit use of a private server and a personal email account, and only two years after his victory it seems his Daughter has been doing the very same. As stated earlier, the optics are very bad for Ivanka. The fact, on the other hand, and not so bad.

The first thing to take into consideration is that the use of a private email account to conduct government business is not itself illegal. What Clinton was legally preoccupied by was her sending and receiving classified information on a private server as it could be considered mishandling of classified information. As of yet, it seems no classified information was sent or received from Ivanka Trump’s private email address.

Another issue that made Clinton’s situation so dicey was her use of a private server, which is indicative of taking measures to concentrate data into an easily wipeable source. This, combined with her mishandling of classified information, made the accusations against her seem much more nefarious in nature. Ivanka, however, by all reports didn’t use a private server for her private email account.

All of this leads to a far less stark picture of Ivanka Trump’s use of a private email address, but doesn’t account for the complete and palpable lack of prudence on behalf of the first daughter. I don’t think many would find a claim of ignorance credible after having her father milk Hillary Clinton’s email scandal as criminally negligent for the better part of the election cycle. Basically, Ivanka, it’s not the end of the world but you should have known better.

Emilio Garcia
Deputy Editor, The Unshackled
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