It’s Not About Defamation or Revenge. It’s Simple Statements of Facts

Antifa, Rundown

Defamation allegations have been levelled against The Unshackled in recent days. It seems the hooded thugs who carry blunt objects to beat to a pulp anyone who disagrees with them have taken issue with being exposed as hooded thugs who carry blunt objects to beat to a pulp anyone who disagrees with them.

However, it seems that the good people at YARD and Antifa don’t fully grasp the concepts of “defamation” despite it being such a central part of the groups’ activities. To point out that an individual regularly writes Facebook posts about hating law enforcement and commiting violence against their political opposition is not defamation simply because the statements being made are true and can be verified by anyone with a device and an internet connection.

On the other hand, to claim that a people are simpatico with the ideology of Nazism or fascism simply because they disagree with your economic, social, and political views with no real evidentiary support is the picture-perfect example of defamation. Seeking out the identity, motivations, connections, and previous actions of the people leading political movements are by no means unheard of. In fact, investigations into the people behind grassroots political movements have been fairly regular for decades.

So why is it defamation to investigate the people behind the movement that organized a protest that resulted in the assault of an individual who was doing absolutely nothing wrong? Short answer: it isn’t. Long answer: it still isn’t but since this particular group believes they have been endowed with a superior morality that is to be questioned by no one, any act that unmasks the inherent criminality and lack of morality of their actions must be doing something wrong.

It’s important to remember that if you have bad things to say about groups that believe it appropriate to ruin people’s lives due to their political opinion, the last thing you should do is adopt their tactics; so we don’t. We don’t encourage anyone to seek the people we write about to harass or offend them, whether it’s relevant political figures or masked Antifas. This does not mean that we will stay quiet as another protest is planned where another individual will be put in the hospital simply for having different socio-political points of view.

We don’t seek to ruin lives, and we don’t mean to have people be ostracized. But we will not apologize for doing research into the groups and the people who are using fascistic tactics of violence to shut down speech they find unsavoury, all the while defaming the people they disagree with as Nazis and fascists. We’re not defaming or taking revenge, we’re pointing out the truth, and if the truth happens to hurt your image you have only yourself to blame.

Emilio Garcia
Deputy Editor, The Unshackled
Host of the Front and Center Podcast