Hidden Camera Exposes Teacher’s Union President Covering for Abusive Teachers

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Project Veritas, founded by James O´Keefe, is a journalistic organization dedicated to uncovering corruption and the true underlying motivations of people in power. The organization is famous for doing so with false-flag operations where a journalist will pretend to another person and secretly record conversations with whoever they’re trying to get information out of. The most recent story involves a man named David Perry, president of “The Hamilton Township Education Association”, a branch of the New Jersey Teacher’s union.

This story involves an undisclosed female going (undercover) to David Perry to confide in him that her brother-in-law may be in a delicate legal situation as he was involved in a physical altercation with a male student. The exchange quickly turns into a disturbing display of negligence on behalf of David Perry who seemed to care less about the fact that a teacher assaulted a child and more on what legal protections can be offered to the tenured teacher. Some of the most notable statements by David Perry during this exchange are:
He got a woman who was on drugs her job back five times.
That tenured teachers have to do something “horrific” to be fired, like a bloody altercation with a student, rape, or sexual conduct.
That he’s in his position to defend “even the worst people.”
See the video released by Project Veritas below:

The unedited version of the video has not been made available to the public. We requested the raw footage and received a statement from Nick Evangelista of Project Veritas that read, “Generally, we do not release our raw video to protect the identities and methods of our undercover journalists. In the same vein, newspapers like The New York Times and the Washington Post do not disclose their notes and anonymous sources to protect the security of the individuals they speak to.” The raw footage was requested in order to get the full context of the story, however, the video seems to be overall pretty complete and free from misleading editing.

The New Jersey Teacher’s union released a statement that claimed the allegations were being taken seriously, but seemingly tried to belittle the credibility of Project Veritas and its founder by including a statement that read:

“With regard to the videos recently released, the source of the videos in question deserves careful scrutiny. Project Veritas is a political organization with a long history of releasing deceptively edited videos that later prove to have been dishonest and misleading. The founder of Project Veritas, James O’Keefe, in 2010 pled guilty to charges related to his illegal tactics. O’Keefe was sentenced to three years’ probation, 100 hours of community service and a $1,500 fine.

Project Veritas sends secret operatives, using false identities, to lie to other individuals while secretly recording them. It is very important to note that the operatives are not speaking about real individuals or incidents. Their false allegations are entirely fabricated for the purpose of creating a false narrative. They then deceptively edit those videos for political purposes, with no regard for truth or honesty. For those reasons, NJEA will not comment on any allegations made by Project Veritas.”

Much of the Union’s comments regarding Project Veritas is true, though arguably out of context. The assertion that allegations to Project Veritas’ allegations would not be responded to also seems to be untruthful as the whole statement is, in fact, a response to the allegations brought forth by Project Veritas, not to mention that since the video was released David Perry has been suspended from his role, though The Hamilton Township Education Association still has him listed as the President of the chapter on their website.

A video released on the same day as the primary hidden camera video shows James O’Keefe approaching David Perry for comment. In a defensive and hostile exchange David Perry initially seems to lock himself in his office just to come out moments later to talk to O’Keefe to, in his words, “say hi” and “not be rude.” He claimed that the allegations made by Project Veritas were false and that all he said was that the organization was in place to help people. See the full exchange below:

To be clear, the leader of one branch of an organization does not necessarily reflect the behaviour or tactics of the organization as a whole. It is also important to point out that however confronting David Perry’s comments were, it is not yet certain that this branch of the teacher’s union was engaged in any such practices, though it would seem highly unlikely that the president of an overall honest organization would falsely claim to be engaged in highly immoral activity. For the time being it seems this was a straightforward investigation on behalf of Project Veritas that exposed the true function of this particular teacher’s union as protecting above all the teachers, occasionally at the expense of student wellbeing.

Emilio Garcia
Deputy Editor, The Unshackled
Host of the Front and Center Podcast