Heineken “Sometimes Lighter is Better” Ads are Racist… The Ad is for Light Beer

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Many people at first glance don’t even fully understand how this ad could be interpreted as racist. The ad is for light beer, after all, and the tagline seems rather benign. But never underestimate the SJW mindset in which everything is viewed through the lens of racial issues and mindset of oppression. The tagline “Sometimes Lighter is Better” is said to be a racist dog whistle, since “lighter” could be referring to the colour of someone’s skin.

Chance the Rapper, a famous musician known in part for making his notable career without a record label, tweeted out, among other things, that the ad was “incredibly racist.” The reason the ad is so terrible in nature, apparently, is because a white waiter slides the light beer past a couple of black people into the hands of a non-white woman who has lighter skin. Read the tweet below:

Chance could not be more wrong. His interpretation of this ad as “incredibly racist” is incredibly stupid. Racism is the negative opinion of a person or group based on the colour of their skin or their racial background. A tagline that is meant to sell light beer saying that “lighter is better” has no racial connotation and could only be interpreted that way by misguided fools who seek to find racism wherever they look.

But please don’t take this author’s word for it, watch the full video here and make up your own mind about it:

Emilio Garcia
Deputy Editor, The Unshackled
Host of the Front and Center Podcast