Gender Studies: 4-Year Indoctrination & Nonsense Degrees

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The mere fact that a field of research that involves decades of study and peer-reviewed research has managed to spawn little more than vague sexist terms such as “mansplaining” and “toxic-masculinity” is demonstrative of the inherent lack of validity of the field.

In Australia, most any large university will offer undergraduate degree options in gender studies. This article is meant to point out the biased message of victimization, and common-enemy hatefulness the courses are meant to promote.

First of all, let’s establish what gender studies are. Gender studies is the field dedicated to gender identity and representation that focuses on feminism, women in politics, men’s studies, and queer theory, often including studies of sexuality. The field of gender studies tends to include aspects such as race, ethnicity, location, class, nationality, and disability in relation to gender.

Though many fields of study are a methodic approach to a subject base on the best available information, gender studies are based overwhelmingly on the feelings and interpretations of authors and lecturers that draw biased conclusions wherever they see fit. This can be exemplified through women’s studies proponents’ willingness to cherry-pick instances of perceived sexism and ill-intent on behalf of men, but place virtually no weight on the negative actions of women or the positive actions of men.

The University of Sydney features gender studies degrees which include, as core subjects, “Screen Culture Gender” which is a glorified movie club meet-up in which misogynistic undertones can be implied, and an “Introduction to Gender Science” which aims to discredit all credible generic and chromosomal science around gender with the use of ancient perceptions of science and badly put-together social science research papers.

Macquarie University and the University of Southern Australia feature similar programs that include classes regarding “modern families” and “gender and textuality.”

Ultimately, people who undertake a woman’s studies degree will leave university with a certificate that basically qualifies them to draw radical conclusions about benign behaviour towards women and find ways in which pedestrian behaviour is completely discriminatory.

Woman’s Studies do have one point of relevance which is the treatment of women across cultures. It is true that they often emphasize the ill-treatment of women in Latin America and Russia (Though often times Middle Eastern and African countries are not discussed) but little or no emphasis is placed on the incredible differences of equality and quality of life that women in the west suffer. To a woman’s studies major, the routine discrimination of female workers in Brazil and Ecuador are of little significant difference to the professional situation of women, of which multivariate analysis of salary show little to no difference to their male counterparts.

Women’s Studies is a course in pseudo-scientific ill-formed conclusions about the issues that are claimed to be suffered by women based on anecdotal and incomplete evidence.

Emilio Garcia
Deputy Editor, The Unshackled
Host of the Front and Center Podcast