“Fat Shaming” Claimed by Woman Who Didn’t Fit in Rollercoaster


The Huffington Post podcast “Woman of Size” host was recently in Universal Studios where she spent a lovely day. A lovely day, that is, until a terrible act of hate was directed her way. As she entered the popular “Harry Potter” section of the park, she tried to board the “Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey” ride only to realize her breasts were too large and didn’t allow the security harness to properly strap her in.

Citing safety concerns, Universal Studios employees asked her to get off the ride. Now, we take no pleasure in this woman’s situation, and it must have been rather humiliating to have to wait for your friends to get off the ride without being able to join them, however the woman’s actions following the incident we do find rather humorous.

She went on to describe the situation as “fat shaming” and free from what she called “inclusive design.” She went on to say that is was hypocritical not to design their rides to accommodate plus-sized patrons since Harry Potter has such a large number of plus-sized characters, however, as Paul Bois of the Daily Wire points out, there are less than five plus-sized characters in Harry Potter most of which are antagonistic.

It seems that as opposed to telling a personal account of how hard it can be to live day-to-day as a person suffering from obesity, morbid or otherwise, this woman chose to point fingers and blame the park. A park who chooses to be accommodating to larger patrons is well within their right to do so, but to say that designs that fit the lion-share of the population’s necessities without accommodating for ever single individual’s need are somehow intolerantly exclusive is simply erroneous.