Fat-Pride Brand Asks White People to Buy But not Wear their Clothes

Feminism, Regressive Left, Rundown

A California-based store that makes clothing for “body-positivity” and indigenous pride has made a request to their white customers that has left many scratching their head. “Nalgona Positivity Shop” wrote a long petition to they’re white customers claiming their clothes should not be worn by them after they are purchased, ending the note by saying, “thank you for not culturally appropriating.”

The not has made the rounds on social media, mostly mocking a company that would try to empower one group while broadly negatively categorizing another. “Nalgona” is a Spanish word which basically means someone has a big butt, and the logo of the store features a woman digging into what seems like a sandwich of some sort. Among the product offerings are posters that ask you not talk about dieting, shirts with messages of de decolonization, and other SJW type fat-pride messages.