Far-Left Outlet “Vox,” Says CNN is Fake News.

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Disclaimer: The Unshackled defines fake news as any news that frames, lies about, or excludes facts to steer or manipulate public opinion without a clear indication of bias or intention.


Vox is one in an extensive line of leftist news outlets, seeking to spoon feed their gullible audience into believing that everything on the left is good, and everything not on the left is Nazi. Vox, much like “Now This” and “Occupy Democrats” creates highly summarized visual information capsules that their audiences enjoy due to their short attention span, which is slightly higher than that of a goldfish, and the fact that most of them can’t read.


This is why I was so surprised to see a Vox video that throws some serious shade in CNN´s direction. In a video titled “CNN treats politics like sports — and it’s making us all dumber”, a skinny hipster millennial with extension earrings and a Hitler youth haircut explains, (or mansplains as Vox would put it) how it is that CNN creates an atmosphere of conflict between left and right in an effort to draw in an audience with the use of good old-fashioned drama.



Now, of course, one thing that isn’t surprising about the video is the characterization of all Trump supporters as buffoons, but hey, it’s Vox. What is surprising about this video, however, is the deconstruction of a faulty and misleading journalistic model that places the soundbite economy and the “click-worthiness” of discourse, above solid and honest reporting of the facts.


CNN often selects its guest based on the probable explosiveness of their interactions, while CNN moderators seem to encourage a lack of civil discourse. Often CNN anchors, like Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon, draw false equivalencies or all together misconstrue facts that they then report as news.

It is this lack of journalistic ethics that has led to CNN’s loss of its coveted position as the most trusted name in news and has viewers looking elsewhere for their daily news diet. In fact, CNN has suffered a severe slump in ratings, which leads us to believe that perhaps consumers don’t like it when a political panel sounds a lot like feud on “The View” or “Keeping up With the Kardashians”.


Who is to thank for all of this? The people, of course. We’re not only voting with our dollars nowadays but also with our coveted attention. If CNN chooses to have hysterical numbskulls like Anna Navarro screaming on their shows 24/7, they’re welcome to do so, but they can’t expect fellow lefties to stick around and watch the bloodshed. For now, all we can do is Keep Calm, and Keep Channel Surfing.