FAKE NEWS: ThinkProgress Claims Lauren Southern Banned/Kicked Out of Australia

Australian Politics, Fake News, Rundown

A story released by a leftist publication called ThinkProgress contains information that is both false and misleading. The story authored Casey Michel calls Lauren Southern a “white supremacist sweetheart” and claims that she was banned and kicked out of Australia, both false statements that have not been retracted.

The article claims that the denial of a visa some days ago was actually an action on behalf of the Australian government to ban Lauren Southern from Australia much like her ban from the UK. The outlet, however, failed to properly categorize the circumstances of the visa denial and the very relevant fact that a visa has been granted to her.

The news that debunked this fake story has not lead to a retraction by this outlet or a second smaller outlet named “Fast Forward” in which an article authored by Alyssa Fisher parrots the same fake story. If an outlet commits a mistake it should print a retraction and apologize, however it seems these two outlets are content allowing the fake news stories to stay on their platform untouched.

Emilio Garcia
Deputy Editor, The Unshackled
Host of the Front and Center Podcast