Fairfax Publishes OP-ED Seriously Promoting Curfews for all Men

Feminism, Men's Rights, Rundown, Sexual harassment

An article has been released touting what feminist writer Melinda Houston praises as a fantastic idea. The systematic legal discrimination and broad negative categorization of people based on immutable characteristics is the solution to rape. This feminist writer believes that all men must be treated as potential criminal rapists, and thus a curfew for all men should be established after 9:30 PM every night.

As Melinda Houston puts it, it is time to “shift responsibility for women’s safety from the victims to the perpetrators.” Melinda Houston goes on to say that men who work at night should not be given exceptions and that if they cannot afford cab or Uber fare, they should have to risk arrest and imprisonment much the same way that women now run the risk of being raped and murdered.

What this article is suggesting is nothing short of apartheid based on bigoted points of view. Think that this cannot be compared to the sentiments of groups like white supremacists? Think again. Many modern white supremacists suggest a legal separation of black people from the rest of the population based on the premise that they are inherently more prone to crime than whites are. In this sense, it’s easy to see how the KKK would disagree with the application of Ms Huston’s proposal, but certainly, understand the sentiment.

This is not to say that sexual assault is not a major issue that must be addressed with great urgency, but the solutions of unapologetic radicals like Melinda Huston should not be seriously considered. It is only a tremendously small minority of men that would believe that the only crime in our society to be considered as egregious as murder is something acceptable and to categorize all men as inherently prone to sexual assault is not only intellectually deficient, it’s morally deficient too.

Emilio Garcia
Deputy Editor, The Unshackled
Host of the Front and Center Podcast