FACT CHECK: Did Maxine Waters blame “inaction on climate and healthcare” for London attacks? No.

A screenshot is circulating around social media that allegedly shows a tweet made by Democratic Representative Maxine Waters where she blames “our inaction on climate and healthcare” for motivating yesterday’s terror attacks in London. The tweet says:

“Please pray for the safety of our Muslim brothers and sisters in #London. Our inaction on climate change and healthcare has pushed them to this”.

While Maxine Waters is undoubtedly eligible for the top prize as a regressive leftist for her idiotic words and actions, this time she is not guilty. Maxine Waters might be a climate change shill, but she did not tweet those pathetic statements (although she may agree with it).

The tweet was created by a fake account that contains the same name and profile picture as Maxine Water’s legitimate Twitter account. However, the difference is easy to miss. The Twitter username of the original account is “@MaxineWaters”, while the fake account says “@MaxineVVaters” with two V’s instead of a W.

Fake news is mainly a problem we see with the left, which heightened when the MSM shilled for Hillary in an unsuccessful bid to get her the Presidency. However, it does exist among the right too, as we have seen with this particular account intended to mislead people on what politicians say.

The right, in order to remain honourable and righteous, cannot resort to the use of fake news like the left. More importantly, we cannot fall for it. It will backfire, as it did for the left.

The truth works for us. We achieve victory through the use of the truth, and that is a major tenet that differentiates us from the left. Trump won because of the truth that revealed Hillary’s dark inner identity, and Brexit emerged victorious thanks to the truth regarding the regressive and evil nature of the EU. Thus, it is the truth that can help us win. We do not need to resort to sharing fake news to smear our enemies.

  • Deplorable Steve

    Spot on Sukith.

  • 20100guest

    Fake news comes from the left is an example of how often the right uses fake news. You are a propagandist and not a very good one.

    • Cliff Ree

      Your statement lacks any facts to support it. This makes it “opinion” and being from an anonymous source, it has zero value. Just thought you would want to know how that works.

      • Aaron Miles Davis

        Didnt seem like the article used facts to back up their assertion either… just saying…

        • Cliff Ree

          But he wasn’t talking about the “article”. He was talking about what “the right” does, grouping millions of people together whom he has never met, and passing judgment in his own ignorance.

          • Aaron Miles Davis

            I can agree with what you’re getting at there. That’s unfair of him to do.

          • Cliff Ree

            That’s all I was saying – just a knee-jerk reaction as an excuse to spew his hatred for “the right”. My guess is the actual V V (Waters) post was put up by a “right-hater” to try to make someone look dumb. Typical non-constructive, non-productive waste of time.

      • It’s fake. The the name isn’t even “Waters” instead it’s “VVaters” spelled with two capital Vs.

        • Cliff Ree

          Why are you repeating the obvious?

      • Cliff Ree

        My comment is directed at the ignorant thing that 20100guest said about “the right”. It has nothing to do with the post above. It’s a general statement about this person’s bigoted opinion, and as I said, an anonymous opinion which has zero value.

  • richard scalzo

    Funny that SHE hasn’t denied it. So far all I’ve seen is opinion.

  • In this tweet “Waters” is spelled using two Vs instead of a W. Believing this crap makes us look silly to put it kindly. Remove this page it’s embarrassing.

  • Doug Shartzer

    Hate to say it. But…..this is not too far off base for Maxine Waters to utter. Just sayin.

    • Cliff Ree

      Quite true. She might even fall for the fake post herself and say “oh, did I say that?”

  • doomedby2020

    With the leftists experiencing a major nervous breakdown the below statement cannot be more amplified.

    “The truth works for us. We achieve victory through the use of the truth, and that is a major tenet that differentiates us from the left. ”
    The right simply needs to stick to the WISDOM and ideological common sense it always has, to defeat the radical left and gain more supporters. There is absolutely no need to stupe to the same level as the leftists….
    ..well, at least not until they attack the electorates in 4 years. They will undoubtedly stage protests and death threats to the electorates within states whom’s constitution does not mandate that they vote in support of the majority. Expect an uprising if they succeed in winning an election that way.