EverydayFeminism.com: Global Warming Affects Women More

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A website called everyday feminism, which is a casserole of non-sense for leftist feminazi points of view, released an article claiming we need “Gender Conscious Responses to Climate Change”. The claim? Women are so unequal that when climate change’s effects begin to be seen, women will feel a fuller burden than men.

Now you may think that the article is completely baseless and idiotic, but you might be surprised to know that you don’t know the full extent of the baseless idiocy of this article.

For context: claim what you will about global warming, the theory put forth about the aforementioned is that carbon molecules in the atmosphere capture heat, don’t allow it to leave the atmosphere and thus change the nature of the climate on the planet. This could lead to ocean-level rising which would displace many people and agricultural disasters which would leave many people hungry. As I said, believe what you will, but this context is important to the ridiculous claims ahead.

One woman in the article was quoted as saying “There cannot be climate justice without gender justice”. Why not? That’s not to say that there are gender disparities in African, Middle Eastern, and other poor countries that need to be tended to, but how does that have any connection to carbon molecules in the air trapping heat in the atmosphere?

Another claim? Gender-queer or trans people will be homeless because of global warming as badly as women. Apparently raising tides and dying crops will not displace men at all because their food and shelter can be sustained by their privilege, but women and trans-people will absolutely feel the brunt.

According to everydayfeminism.com, one of the issues with the people doing research when it comes to climate change is that there are not enough women or trans scientists involved in the process. Turns out that if there were more women measuring Co2 PPM and running climate simulations, then the way in which a global weather phenomenon affects women would be different.

The final point we’ll explore regarding this article is the idea that inequality will increase because of global warming. The author says, “No, climate cannot be racist or sexist but people can and people — whether in our federal and local government, climate organizations, or world regulatory organizations — decide our climate policy, responses, and solutions.” So, is the claim that when a city floods the government will say “OK, all the women can live on life rafts now. Don’t worry about a thing, men” or something along those lines?

This is an insult to any informed human being on either side of the climate debate. Everyday feminism holds itself exclusively to the standard that if their extremist leftists like it, it can be run, and waste no time with fact-checking or even making a rational argument.

Emilio Garcia
Deputy Editor, The Unshackled
Host of the Front and Center Podcast