Emma Gonzales’ Speech on Gun Control: “I’m Bisexual” Followed by Six Minutes of Silence

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In a lot of ways, Emma Gonzales’ speech was rather moving. She talked personally about the friends she lost during the horrific shooting in Stoneman Douglass Highschool. This is one thing that, despite the criticisms of these kid’s rhetoric on guns cannot be forgotten. They have the right to speak, and what happened is tragic.


Yet, it’s hard to understand why Emma Gonzales thought it was of any importance to talk about her Latino heritage or the fact that she finds both men and women attractive. “I’m 18, Cuban, and Bisexual” were Emma’s opening remarks. OK, that’s all good and well for Emma, but what is the relevance of your race and sexual orientation to the gun debate? It’s safe to say it’s irrelevant.


Emma then talked about the friends she lost and proceeded to stand in silence for six and a half minutes. Cheers echoed from the crowd during these six minutes, a crowd clearly unaware of how moments of silence work. After making the point that in that amount of time the school shooter had done all the harm he was going to do, she closed with the statement “Fight for your lives before it’s someone else’s job.” An arguably powerful statement with no real substance or proposal to substantiate it.


The students and all the marchers during the “march for our lives” have exercised their freedom of speech, and that is something The Unshackled will always stand behind. The issue is that the lion share of protesters and advocates are blatantly unaware of the issues they advocate for, and have proposed little to curb gun violence while calling their opposition murderers.


Emilio Garcia
Deputy Editor, The Unshackled
Host of the Front and Center Podcast