Dr. Jordan B. Peterson to Tour Australia

Australian Politics, Philosophy, Political correctness, Rundown

Following on from the successful tour of Australia by Milo Yiannopoulos last December another internationally renowned personality who is inspiring a new conservative resurgence in the west is set to tour Australia.

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson a professor at the University of Toronto originally shot to fame in September 2016 when in a video lecture series he spoke out against the Canadian government’s bill C-16 which would have made it a criminal offense not to call somebody by their preferred gender pronoun will embark on a three city tour of Australia in March.

The speaking tour is being organized by the newly formed True Arrow Events Group which describes itself as “focusing on events that target issues of mental health and aiming to maintain the greatness of our country”. The Dr. Peterson Tour will be first event they are embarking on.

After gaining a large international fan base following his opposition to bill C-16 Dr. Peterson a clinical psychologist has utilized his new new found fame to promote his critiques of political correctness, identity politics, post modernism and neo-Marxist influence to a new generation of people who are trying to make sense of an ever increasing volatile world.

His YouTube channel which has over 500,000 subscribers features his lectures, interviews with other intellectual figures and his various media appearances. He has crowdfunded using Patreon a project to bring accredited online humanities education based around his ideas to people all around the world.

His defense of and enunciation of the benefits of Christianity has also inspired many of his followers to covert to the religion in an increasingly secular west.

Due to his position in the usually leftist dominated industry of academia it has seen him become the target of many social justice warriors on his native University of Toronto campus. It is unknown whether his Australian tour will attract the same leftist hostilely that Milo Yiannopoulos’ brought, especially in Melbourne.

Given that Australian culture and governments are some of the most beholden to leftist and cultural Marxist ideas his tour will bring some much needed counterbalance. The Australian public has shown it is hungry for people who will speak up for commonsense and tickets to his events are sure to prove popular.

It is also pleasing to see there are event organizers willing to take the risk to bring personalities like Dr. Peterson to Australia and let’s hope that he is one of many to grace our shores this year.


  • Trut Tella

    Peterson is no right-winger, not even a conservative.

    He’s a cuckold faggot.

    • Rikstah

      If hes an enemy of the SJWs and a target of the alt right then I’d say hes the speaker everyone needs to listen to.

    • chopperlilly

      He’s a libertarian – that’s even better. His interview with that pathetic feminist journalist on Channel 4 was legendary. One of the greatest interviews of all time. I can’t wait to see Dr Peterson in Brisbane.

    • Mary Whitehouse

      The fact that he pisses off both “muh gender pronoun” folks and adolescent imbeciles like you makes me want to see him even more.

      • Trut Tella

        Lol. U mad, bro?

        • Mary Whitehouse

          You’re the angry faggot here, not me. I’m enjoying your anguish.

          • Minging

            Hehe marry me just for a day and then begone… Jordan is a legend who gives a shite which way his pole swings in the wind,

    • Steve

      Have you read his book? Have you watched any of his lectures on YouTube? What makes you claim such a negative?

  • im lost

    Im waiting for the feminist army & clementine ford lobbying Peter Dutton not to issue a visa, like tried to do with Milo Y last year

  • hideouself

    Looking to buy one or two tickets (I’ll take whatever I can get) to the Sydney tour date if anyone has a change of plans!