Doritos For Women Trigger SJWs and Feminists

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The CEO of PepsiCo (the company that owns Doritos) was doing an interview with the podcast “Freakonomics Radio” when she dropped a potential future product: “Doritos for Women”. The logic behind this potential new type of Dorito was that their research showed that many women don’t enjoy the loud crunch that the crisps make in public places. Seems straightforward enough, but the SJW crowd has a different opinion.
Many of these schizophrenic baboons took to their social media to say that even the suggestion of making a product that women could choose to buy or not was actually a sexist attack, meant to silence women and promote an outdated standard of femininity.
This outrage has led to the hashtag: #CrunchLouder, meaning women should instead try to make as much noise as possible when eating chips, a trait that is irritating across cultures, ethnicities, and gender.
Kathy Griffin took to Twitter to say: “This may seem silly to some folks but at one point or another most women are told that they’re too loud, take up too much space, that we’re too much. If Doritos is actually doing this it’ll just represent the BS women have had to deal with at home and at work.”
Jessie Dean (Yeah, we’re not sure who she is either) had this jewel to contribute: “Cheer up, gals! We may not get a lady president, but we do get lady Doritos!”
And many other outraged lefties voiced their opinion over an irrelevant potential product that would offend nobody who doesn’t have a trigger-happy temper or a severe mental disorder. And please find my contact info below, tell me how offended you are by this article, so that I may laugh at your delusional self-aggrandizing virtue-signalling.

Emilio Garcia
Deputy Editor, The Unshackled
Host of the Front and Center Podcast