Donald Trump: Deport Without Court

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In the United States, if a non-citizen enters the United States and requests asylum their application for asylum must be reviewed for validity before they are taken out of the United States, a process that can take months. Many claim that this allows undocumented people to enter the United States and “fall off the radar,” so to speak, and stay in the country despite their lack of claim to residence.

It is true that some undocumented immigrants have used this system to disappear into the general population and stay in the US indefinitely, just over 75% of undocumented immigrants will show up for their court hearing. Though it is comforting to know that a vast majority of immigrants will follow the necessary legal proceedings, many will point to the 15% that do not and say that it is far too much.

It was, perhaps, this sentiment that lead Donald Trump to propose the immediate deportation of people who cross into the United States without a day in court:

At the moment the move would be illegal and a violation of international norms, so the process of expiated deportations seems a bit far off. That being said, expiated deportations may be a subject to keep an eye on.