David Hogg: NRA are “Sick F*ckers” who wouldn’t mind “Murder more Children and Get Re-Elected”

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In a recent interview, David Hogg took off the mask of a collected and pragmatic activist and began calling hurling insults and accusations at the NRA, older generations, and anyone who does not support gun control. This bizarre interview seemed to be David’s contest with himself to see how many times he could say the F-word, and how many times he can accuse his opposition of being mentally ill child murderers.


This author wrote a story and produced a podcast defending David Hogg against the accusations of being a crisis actor while saying that his points of view on gun control were pedestrian and preliminary. This is not something that anyone should defend. This vulgar display of hate and ignorance is something that even the most hardened gun control advocates should take issue with.


David Hogg has a right to make his opinion heard, of course, and anyone with an opposing point of view has the very same right. Rights, however, are sometimes separate from what is right. David Hogg calling people child murderers is not right, emphasising the reason why immature and uninformed children should not be front and centre on an issue as important as gun control.


Emilio Garcia
Deputy Editor, The Unshackled
Host of the Front and Center Podcast