Chelsea Handler Idiotically Compares Israeli Situation to Holocaust

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The newly inaugurated US embassy in Jerusalem has generated enormous riots leading to altercations between Palestinians and the Israeli military. To say the situation in Israel is simple would be a blatantly incorrect statement, not just because of the history of the young country or the role it plays in the middle-east but also regarding the recent confrontations that are widely believed to have been directed by Hamas on the Palestinian side.

This is to say a blanket pro or anti-Israel stance is hard to take in the grander scheme of things, however Chelsea Handler who made a name for herself by telling self-deprecating sex jokes after dropping out of high-school and is now a go-to political figure on the left summed up the Israeli situation in the only way her narrow inept mind was able to. Basically, Benjamin Netanyahu is like Hitler, and Gaza is like Auschwitz.

To be clear, the accusations of anti-Semitism towards Chelsea Handler are not supported by evidence. One’s opinions regarding a country’s government don’t mean apathy towards all people who hail from or are decedents from that country, not to mention she works in a heavily Jewish town and industry. The insult towards the Jewish people is not due to anti-Semitism, it’s due to a stupid disregard for one of the most horrible genocides in history, of which Jews were the most affected group and the suggestion that those people’s country is now engaged in similar practices.

The recent Hamas-lead riots are tragic as they directed innocent enraged civilians to involve themselves in the cross-fire between politically-motivated terrorists and a hugely advanced military. The Israeli government has many well-based criticisms directed its way, but no one in their right mind would accuse them of engaging in genocide, nor would the purely evil Adolf Hitler ever have any comparable characteristics to Netanyahu.

All well-based opinions are worthy of discussion just the same way all divisive, hateful, stupid opinions voiced publicly are worthy of ridicule. Chelsea Handler is little more than a self-aggrandizing ignorant dotard, and that anyone would support her as a political figure is laughable especially with comments like these.

Emilio Garcia
Deputy Editor, The Unshackled
Host of the Front and Center Podcast