Channel 7 Accused of Racism for Reporting on African Gang Crime

Australian Politics, Crime, Rundown

Channel 7 recently released a story of relevant significance for the people of Australia and especially those within the state of Victoria. A string of home invasions, assaults, robberies, and other crimes have taken place in Victoria by gangs.

Despite a significant surge in crime and home invasions the coverage of the incidents has been relatively rare and law enforcement seems to be doing its best to deny the issue at all, and one reason for this is the perceived discomfort with the fact that the crimes are being committed by the young men of African descent parented by African migrants.

It is this discomfort with portraying a group of racial minorities as criminals that has lead to a string of accusations of racism to be leveled against Channel 7 after doing reporting regarding the issue of African gang crime. This is a short preview of the segment released by Channel 7 some days ago:

The reporting is, of course, a simple look at the facts and conversations with victims of such crimes. This is not how many others have interpreted the segment, calling Channel 7 out for race-baiting and fear mongering. Several tweets have been released directed at Channel 7 and their so-called racism:

Soon after the accusations of racism were leveled against the station, a different approach began to take hold, saying that African Gang violence should be ignored due to domestic violence that leaves women dead in Australia.

The assumption here seems to be that, despite the factual validity of gang violence in Australia committed by the children of African Migrants, it should be ignored due to the small size of their population and the public attention should instead be directed towards issues like domestic violence.

What those who call the reporting racist don’t seem to understand is that the reporting is not attempting to portray all African people as criminals, nor does the fact that these particular criminals happen to be African make the crimes worse. At least on the part of The Unshackled, the outrage over this type of crime would be equal were it done by people of African descent or European descent. The issue is not that people have a problem with black people committing crimes, rather there is an issue with anybody committing crimes, especially in an organized, systematic, and repetitive way.

Migrants and the children of migrants are welcome to Aussie society with open arms if they are contributing beneficially to the society and following the law. Ignoring a relevant criminal trend because it is too uncomfortable for some people to digest is negligence, pure and simple.

Emilio Garcia
Deputy Editor, The Unshackled
Host of the Front and Center Podcast