California Removed “Racist Trees” From A Golf Course

Race, Rundown

A couple of months ago Palm Springs officials decided to remove 50-foot-tall “racist” trees that separate the golf-course from a majority-black neighbourhood. For context, the trees were planted in the 1960’s and were believed to have been planted to separate the city-owned golf course from a majority-black neighbourhood.

Now, you can make the assumption that the trees were planted for racist reasons, but the trees were being called “racist trees” when the government of Palm Springs announced they would be removed. If there were racial motivations behind the planting of these trees, there can be a reasonable argument for taking them down, but to be clear, a tree cannot be racist. They do not see race as they have no eyes or brains to interpret the information in positive or negative ways.

The good people of Palm Springs would be wise to re-think how they word their announcements from here on.