Britain Has Sentenced a Child to Death Claiming Infant’s Dignity (Alfie Evans)

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Alfie Evans is just under two-years-old and has been struck by a level of disease no infant should ever have to go through. A neurological condition has left the child in a “semi-vegetative” condition, such that a Liverpool hospital has said further treatment would be futile. Alfie’s parents did what every good parent would do and began to look into other options for his care, but the British government has hindered their efforts, saying he must die with dignity, effectively sentencing him to death.

Alfie’s parents have expressed interest in taking the child to Italy for further treatment, and appealed to the UK’s court, but were unsuccessful. The UK has said that they, not the parents, know what is best for the infant and will not allow them to get him potentially-life-saving treatment. This fight will continue, and we must support this family’s efforts to do what is right. We stand by Elfie, and you should too!

Emilio Garcia
Deputy Editor, The Unshackled
Host of the Front and Center Podcast