Armed Officer Stops School Shooter, MSM Barely Reports it

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A school in Dixon, Illinois was attacked today by a former 19-year-old student who had been expelled from the school earlier in the year. The shooting began in the high school’s gym where many of the students were gathered for graduation practice, but thanks to an armed officer at the scene, the only injury was sustained by the shooter himself.

Interestingly enough CNN found an OP-ED (which they call “analysis”) called “Trump Gets Taste of Own Medicine” worthy of their front page but didn’t think it worthy to put the story of an attempted mass shooting. MSNBC, Politico, NBC, and even Fox News failed to put the story on the front page, though the story can be found buried away in their websites’ pack pages.

Perhaps a foiled mass shooting doesn’t seem like note-worthy news to the large media outlets but considering the hot-topic-issue mass shootings have become this seems highly unlikely. A more reasonable explanation may be that this foiled shooting, along with an earlier under-reported school shooting earlier this year, do not match the narrative being pushed that armed officers on school grounds do not make children safer.

For context, I differ from many of my colleagues when it comes to guns and I believe strong regulations, background checks, and mandatory training are a good place to start to reduce gun violence. This is to say, I do not have the rosy romantic point of view towards fire-arms many in my area have, and I certainly wouldn’t actively advocate for more guns in Australia, but it is has become clear to me that having trained armed officers in schools is common sense.

The idea of armed police officers on school grounds has been equated by many anti-gun advocates to Donald Trump’s proposal to arm teachers. The reason they lump the two together is to diminish the credibility of the reasonable proposition with the erroneous one. No one in their right mind would believe having a bunch of armed teachers is the best idea but having capable officers of the law ready to act on a moment’s notice to protect a concentrated vulnerable population is basic logic.

Emilio Garcia
Deputy Editor, The Unshackled
Host of the Front and Center Podcast