ANTIFA Calls Our Article About Free Speech “Neo-Nazi Propaganda”

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MP George Christensen, in a Facebook post, made reference to an article published by The Unshackled about freedom of speech to make a point about free speech laws and the precedent set by having a government bureaucrat determine what speech falls under “hate speech”. Read the post below:

Of course, to ANTIFA, the concept of anybody speaking freely in a way that even minorly contradicts their extremist post-modernist race-baiting victimizing points of view is akin to an ideology of racial targeting and genocide like Nazism. In a Facebook post, “Melbourne Antifacist Info” shared a screenshot of Christensen’s Facebook post equating us to the white supremacist outlet “The Daily Stormer” and making reference to our mothers’ garage which, to the best of our knowledge, holds only their cars and certain other belongings. Read the post below:

ANTIFA claims to fight Fascism, however, any group that believes that they have the moral superiority to decide for the rest of society what ideology is acceptable and shut-down with violence anyone who dare speak up against it has no place fighting fascism. For anyone who has been drawn to this article because of ANTIFA’s post, let us be clear: we condemn Nazism, fascism, and any ideology like them in the strongest possible terms. Advocating for every human being’s right to speak freely does not mean we condone or endorse the views of people who use their right to say abhorrent things.

We encourage you and challenge ANTIFA members to read the article and find one instance of racial insensitivity or advocacy of Nazism. No one will find it because it doesn’t exist. The Unshackled is a outlet that fights for free speech and is dedicated to promoting conservative and libertarian principles without holding a centralized control of opinion with its writers. ANTIFA, a group that seeks to promote its political agenda through violence, also knows as terrorism, is not an group that should be anybody’s point of reference intellectually.

Emilio Garcia
Deputy Editor, The Unshackled
Host of the Front and Center Podcast