ABC’s War on Comedy Replaces Laughing with Cringing

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ABC Comedy’s attempt at comedy is, well, laughable. Australia’s public broadcasting network meant to fill the void of subjects the private sector won’t have basically turned into a televised BuzzFeed listicle meant to push what far-left ideologues consider to be objectivity. Let’s take, for example, this following clip where a woman named Jessica Kean talks about the horrors of mansplaining in a condescending and patronizing tone:

This clip is meant to express mansplaining, which is essentially a man explaining the something to a woman in a condescending or patronizing tone. The guy in the video is meant to represent men who disagree with the concept of “mansplaining” as overly confident morons who will talk down to a woman even if she is better educated. Why isn’t this video funny? Well, first of all the woman is incredibly unlikable and dogmatic, and never actually says anything even resembling a joke. What is funny is that the only humor found in this leftist how-to video is the guys comments on her field of study saying “Day 1: I’m offended by everything. Day 2: here’s your diploma.”

Now we wanted to start our readers off easy as too much cringe-worthiness may have sent them running but consider this a trigger warning as examples only get worse. Demi Lardner, a comedian who can only be described as a schizophrenic albino troll doll from the mid-80’´s, made a splash with this interpretive dance number outlining what his father searched for on Google:

If you’re still with us it means you haven’t thrown your laptop or cellphone straight across the room to avoid the cringeworthy display that video contained and that you’re a very strong-willed individual. Why isn’t the video funny? Without the obvious lack of likeability on behalf of that failed lab experiment of a human being, you may have noticed that “dad’s Google history” provided very few examples of truly funny Google searches. “Who is the woman” opens the song while “are there birds” closes the number, both being particularly uncomedic examples of what seem to be incomplete Google searches. She later receives a fake call from her dad talking dully about his day, and since the fake call wasn’t particularly clever, the 2-minute number was just dull. Finally, the last person on earth who should wear short-shorts starts a bit where she imitates a woman on wife-swap, after which point this author simply had to stop five seconds in. He’s only human.

Another example of pure cringe concentrate is found in this following clip showcases what looks like a 12-year-old girl caught in the body of schizophrenic grown-ass man singing a song about cat. The content of this video is extremely confronting and should be viewed with discretion:

I don’t think anyone should ever laugh at the mentally ill, but it seems ABC Comedy and it’s patrons believe that a grown man singing a song even The Wiggles would find too childish is a legitimate form of entertainment for adults. Why isn’t the video funny? Just off the bat, the song isn’t very good or catchy. The rhymes (when there were rhymes at all) were generally simplistic, and the background music was simply annoying, not to mention the deconstruction of a cat’s perspective isn’t itself particularly original. Of course, there are just contributing factors to what is, most likely, recent history’s most cringe-worthy and denigrating displays of, we repeat, a grown-ass man dancing with t-rex hands with a bewildered expression on his face and using a voice that sounds like barney had a stroke.

ABC Comedy does not just base their entire business model on unconventional fools acting like morons on stage; they also dabble in political content, like the one seen at the top of the article, categorizing anything that does not fit the supposedly unbiased extreme leftism as pure stupidity or bigotry. This example came on the heels of ABC’s video of rap meant to show kids how privilege works. Many people were upset by the patronizing and indoctrinating message this video was meant to push on kids prompting ABC to take it down. In response to this, ABC comedy found two of their least likeable comedians to attempt to Rap about the situation:

The skit performed by two women who should never be allowed to rap in a public venue basically lays out a theory that the only crappy people on the internet are frustrated white guys who hate feminism, all the while ignoring the fact that the video is actively engaging in angry trolling on a social media platform. Why isn’t the video funny? First of all, the rap doesn’t even rhyme, and perhaps if they could have come up with better rhymes than “content” and “internet” the video would have at the very least been catchy. The women also have no rhythm, and constantly fall out of tempo during a song with lyrics that seemed to have been put together in about 30 minutes. The video ends with the women asking why anyone would care about the content of a kid’s show as if it were the most absurd thing in the universe. Ignoring the fact that lefties seem to be the first to jump to outrage over the most pedestrian occurrence in any walk of life, their acting while asking why anyone would care about their indoctrinating half-hatched racially charged self-victimization propaganda skit was pretty terrible.

Emilio Garcia
Deputy Editor, The Unshackled
Host of the Front and Center Podcast