Paul Joseph Watson

The mainstream media and popular culture to do their best to push their leftist agenda at every time. But there are holes in every story they put forward and Paul Joseph Watson reporter at large for InfoWars exposes them in an entertaining and sarcastic way. Whether it’s social justice warriors, immigration disasters or crimes of the state you can count of Paul to provide a quick response to growing madness happening around the world. He is part of the new media that can fight back and broadcast straight to the masses.

Blaire White

The politically correct brigade’s latest crusade is trans issues, whether it’s policing pronouns or inventing endless new genders you’re only one mistake away from being labelled a bigot. That is why transwoman Blaire White started producing videos to call out this growing co-opting of trans rights by the left and provide some objective commentary on the issues facing trans people. She doesn’t just talk about trans issues, she takes on feminism, social justice warriors and various new movements emerging from the left that threaten freedom and finding new ways to accuse others of hatred and bigotry

Some Black Guy

The conventional wisdom that is put forward in the media and by the left is that if you’re black you must support Obama, Black Lives Matter and believe that all that whites think about is ways to keep you marginalised. Some Black Guy is his own man with his own views and puts them forward in a fearless matter. He calls out the rise of identity politics, the victim industry and the growing look to big government to solve all of our problems. No minority group should be treated as a collective which is why Some Black Guy puts forth his own intellectual views.


One of the benefits of YouTube is that anyone can start a channel, put their views and artistic work in the marketplace of ideas and see if they can gain a following. However this means that there is a lot of ridiculous, cringe worthy factually inaccurate videos put out. Of course people have the freedom to put them out, which is why Undoomed also uses his freedom to make response videos to all of the madness that is put out there in his own entertaining and sarcastic way, tearing apart these videos line by line. If there’s a ridiculous video that has made it onto the internet you can count of Undoomed to expose it.


A successful Australian YouTuber Bearing takes apart all of the social justice, feminist and other politically correct stupidity that exists on YouTube and on the wider web. Using logic and common-sense along with a large degree of crass humour and language Bearing gives these insane videos that seem to pop up all of the time online a healthy dose of reality five times a week.

Sargon of Akkad

With the aim of finding truth Sargon of Akkad a British YouTuber comments on cultural issues such as feminism, social justice and other controversial by using rational arguments backed up by evidence. He responses to videos by progressive YouTubers, commentators in the mainstream and has his weekly video wrap up of irrationality in the world called This Week in Stupid. If you are after the left being taken apart argument by argument Sargon of Akkad is the YouTuber to go to.

Hunter Avallone

There is a new generation of conservative thinkers, those who have learned the mistakes from the social conservatives and the religious right of the past and updated their message for the modern world. Hunter Avallone is a young Christian conservative home-schooled Trump supporter exposing the threats to everyone’s freedom and concerning social trends being put forth constantly. Unafraid of being offensive, hurting feelings or being accused being too privileged Hunter aims to restore reason to political issues in his videos as well as mocking various trends and groups. A rising YouTuber he should be checked out for commentary on the latest cultural trends.

Julie Borowski

Libertarianism is often accused of being too intellectual, being too abstract from everyday life and political issues. This is why Julie Borowski started making videos explaining the libertarian point of view on the various political issues that make it into the news. Julie’s videos are suitable for not just beginners but those wanting to improve their debating skills or just wanting to broaden their libertarian education. They are short, sharp and an informative addition to libertarian debate and discourse.