Think Tanks

Institute of Public Affairs

The world’s oldest free market think tank founded in 1943 the Institute of Public Affairs based in Melbourne is Australia’s largest voice for freedom. It advocates for free markets, free speech, the rule of law and democracy in public debate. It does this through the research it produces and throughout the Australian media. Funded entirely through memberships and donations the Institute of Public Affairs is the forefront of supporting the freedom agenda.

Centre for Independent Studies

With its mission create a better Australian society through ideas, research and advocacy with the values of individual liberty and responsibility, free enterprise, the rule of law and limited, democratic government. Founded in 1976 and based in Sydney the Centre for Independent Studies advances its mission through published research, various events and media exposure. It is free from any government funding relying solely on memberships and donations. Always promoting new policy ideas the Centre for Independent Studies is where governments should asking for solution to our current policy problems.

Australian Institute for Progress

Australia’s newest free market think tank is the Australian Institute for Progress based in Brisbane where one was not previously in existence. Its values adhere to the traditional classic rights such as freedom of expression, freedom of association, property rights, freedom of worship, and freedom of markets. It believes that individuals should be free to choose their own lives rather than live under government control. Although still in the early stages of its development it is beginning to produce public policy papers hold events and have an impact in the media.

The Ludwig von Mises Institute

Founded in 1982 in the United States the Ludwig von Mises Institute promotes the teaching of Austrian economics, freedom and peace. Not a traditional think tank it prefers to focus on education rather than producing public policy research. It makes available a large amount of historical literature on Austrian economics and libertarian theory for free, has an online learning programs, produces commentary on current as well as historical events, it also hosts conferences for students, scholars and the general public to learn from.

The Ayn Rand Institute

Dedicated to promoting Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism the Ayn Rand Institute aims to introduce as many people as possible especially youth to her writings and teachings. It promotes her principles of reason, rational self-interest and laissez-faire capitalism. It holds various events to promote Objectivism, conducts essay contest as well as a large amount of online resources including a series of online courses. The Ayn Rand Institute is the perfect resource to gain and deeper understand and appreciation of the work of Ayn Rand.