The Tom Woods Show

Libertarianism has a large historical, economic and philosophical underpinning. There are many thousands of books laying forth the various libertarian positions on public policy, the role of government and rights of the individual. Hardly any of us have the time to read even a small selection of them in our lifetime. Tom Woods is by far the most knowledgeable libertarian intellectual with both a master’s degree and PhD of some of the United States most elite universities. Which is why he created the Tom Woods Show to provide a daily dose of liberty education to help libertarians learn about their great history and intellectual advantage. The show has a wide range of guests on almost every topic imaginable, it is a perfect podcast for those wanting to be better informed without sitting down for a full study course.

The Jason Stapleton Program

Current events provide the basis from which most people inform their political views so it is important that libertarians keep informed and know what to put forward their views on them. Jason Stapleton provides an hour every day to discuss current events and put forth how the libertarian philosophy deals with them and provides a solution. If you ever need to question how libertarians solves a particular issues Jason Stapleton will provide an answer.

The Alex Jones Show

Alex Jones has been a radio host for over 20 years always questioning those in power, whether their politicians, celebrities or business leaders. He has forever been dismissed a conspiracy theorist but has stood the test of time and more and more citizens have begun to question what they are being told is the truth. Unafraid of the consequences, backlash and perception from others Alex Jones helps teach his audience to think outside the square and that there is more than what they are told about current events.

Louder with Crowder

Most comedy shows and presenters have leftist slant to their humour which is getting worse as the years go by. However comedy is not dead, he may have not been given his own national television show but Steven Crowder has started his own radio program providing some balance to the world of comedy with his conservative brand of humour. He certainly not short of targets which ensures that Louder with Crowder will provide some comedic relief when dealing with a world of leftist domination.

Freedomain Radio

Most people believe what the media tells them about particular current events, but often the media hides facts either due to their own political bias or because they might be offensive. Stefan Molyneux does his own research on these issues and goes through the actual facts about current events. Never believe the truth about any story unless you hear what has been uncovered on Freedomain Radio.