News Websites

An Australian news site XYZ was created out of dissatisfaction with the state run Australian Broadcasting Corporation hence then name. Providing a mixture of news and satire and unlike the ABC unafraid to show its bias it seeks to defend western civilization, promote free speech and free markets. Its editors subscribe to both classical liberal and cultural libertarian beliefs. It opposes cultural Marxism and the left’s efforts to control our lives. It’s your XYZ.

Zero Filter

With the aim of defending Australia’s national and cultural pride Zero Filter aims to offer an alternative voice for Australians with conservative and traditional views. Fighting Cultural Marxism and the globalist agenda Zero Filter provides up to date news and information for all patriots.

AltCon News

Another Australian new media platform AltCon News takes pride in telling the truth and being politically incorrect. It aims to put facts before feelings, fact check the fact checkers and expose leftist hypocrisy. It covers both current political and cultural news as they break As well as publishing their own news articles and content they also a news aggregator linking important news and commentary from around the world. Another important voice in the alternative media AltCon News is a must visit information source.

Alt Right Australia

Providing an alternative take on current news events both here in Australia and overseas is Alt Right Australia. Covering both political and cultural events with sharp wit humour it is an important addition to the growing new media in Australia. Unafraid to be controversial and honest Alt Right Australia is a refreshing take on the currents events that you won’t get from the mainstream news

Never look at those with power and authority the same way again. Alex Jones’ Infowars exposes the secrets the elites don’t want ordinary people to know, asks the questions nobody dares and they’d prefer no one ask. Whether its politicians, corporations or celebrities Infowars is afraid of no one no matter what threats or slander is hurled their way.

Dirty tricks and misinformation is what the progressives and the left do best through their friends in the traditional media. However thanks to Breitbart their tactics and lies are exposed on a daily basis with flare, style with a naughty rebellious streak. It’s the site that gets under any leftists skin and makes sure the real story about current events and trends gets out there.

The Daily Caller

To get non-leftist political commentary from traditional media has always been a challenge for many on the right. That’s why the Daily Caller has stepped up to fill the void by providing an honest analysis of what goes on at the United States’ Capitol Hill. Founded by conservative commentator Tucker Carlson the Daily Caller is a proper political journal the way the others should be.

Never miss any breaking news from around the world or what the big story is at any time. Drudge Report complies all the relevant headlines from all news sources to allow you to be fully informed by a quick visit to the website every day. Founded by Matt Drudge when the internet first went live in 1995 it has been prepared to report the news no matter who the story is about or what the subject is. As a result it is visited by millions and has become the new version of the nightly newscast.

For your daily dose of anti-state and anti-war commentary look no further than lifelong libertarian activist Lew Rockwell’s news website. Reporting on the state’s various daily crimes at home and abroad as well as providing hard hitting commentary pieces from some of the sharpest minds in the liberty movement visiting the site will give you a constant reminder that governments and their friends are not be trusted or treated with respect.

There’s a lot of politically correct madness going on the in the world, no more so than in Canada with their human rights industry and far left Prime Minister. Luckily Erza Levent has set up to provide a healthy dose of sanity to the nation blending in breaking news viral videos and traditional TV shows. Featuring some of the most daring political commentators in Canada such as Lauren Southern and Gavin McInness you will always be entertained no matter how crazy the world seems.