Facebook Pages

War on the Left

The left are relentless in their pursuit to remake our society in their own revolutionary image. Every day it seems they are coming up with a new way to control us or take away our freedoms. This why War on the Left was set up which is dedicated to exposing the left wing agenda by sharing stories from around the world documenting their latest assaults on our way of life. Keep informed about the latest left-wing attacks from War on the Left which also assists you in being part of the fightback.

The Patriot Society

Australia is one of the greatest and freest countries in the world and it is important to keep it that way. This is way The Patriot Society was established which aims to preserve, defend and celebrate the Australian way of life and traditions. Its Facebook page shares important news from not just Australia but around the western world and also publishes witty memes which defend our nation. Another great information source and online community The Patriot Society is worth visiting on a regular basis.

Liberty Memes

Sometimes politics can be quite depressing if you’re a libertarian. Seeing politicians from all sides take away our liberties, lie to us and engage in corrupt behaviour is almost a daily occurrence. That’s why Liberty Memes was created to provide some comic relief to libertarians, to laugh at the current state of our governments and leaders. Provide a daily dose of satire, whether its incompetence or abuse of power Liberty Memes will provide a quick and witty response.

Occupy Democrats Logic

Occupy Democrats as its name suggests is a partisan Facebook page which grew out of the progressive Occupy Wall Street movement. No surprise this page blames capitalism for all of our current societal programs and that only elected Democrats will solve anything. Which is why a group of libertarians founded a satirical page called Occupy Democrats Logic. It features a collection of memes with typical progressive statements and provides a witty response that exposes the fallacies and partisanship in all their posts.

Being Libertarian

Aiming to keep the morale of libertarians up as well as providing a combination of informative memes and articles Being Libertarian aims to reflect the libertarian viewpoint mainly as it applies to the current political madness in the world. There is no shortage of myths, lies and failed policies to correct and state why only the libertarian position can provide the solution.


As its name suggest Anarchyball through its meme and cartoons puts forward the case for Anarcho-Capitalism the more radical libertarian viewpoint. It puts forth the viewpoint that the state is not our friend, steals from us, take away our liberties and our politicians cannot provide the solution to our problems. If you want to think a bit more deeply about the nature of that state then visiting Anarchyball might be for you.

Liberty Hangout

Aiming to be more than just a meme page Liberty Hangout aims to bring together the libertarian community and keep them up to date with the state of politics in an entertaining way. It’s also not afraid to criticize fellow libertarians when they try to pander to left and throw their fellow libertarians under a bus. It also promotes libertarian event and has now even expanded to a website.

Students for Lolberty

Some libertarians choose to behave like social justice warriors, get triggered by mean things being said and also demand strict adherence to political correctness. The only difference between them and progressives it seems is their alleged love of capitalism. This is why Students for Lolberty was set up to poke fun at these so called libertarians and also to point out the flaws in their logic. With their edgy memes and brutal commentary if you are real libertarian you will enjoy this parody.

Getting PTSD from tumblr posts without trigger warnings

Started in honour Melody ‘Smellody’ Hensley a feminist who claimed she got PSTD from people disagreeing with her on the internet this page’s aim is to make fun of the special snowflakes who get offended by everything. Pointing out the hilarious times social justice warriors have called innocuous things racist, sexist and whatever and their hysterical reactions being exposed to things they don’t like. Instead of despairing have a laugh out of the triggered generation.

HHH Physical Removal Service

The cornerstone of libertarianism is the non-aggression principle (NAP). However it is easy to be frustrated with the arguments, behaviour and actions of the enimes of liberty. This is why HHH (Hans-Hermann Hoppe) Physical Removal Service was started to allow libertarians to let off some steam and indulge in some fantasies about what they would really like to do their opponents, a guilty pleasure for every libertarian.