You’re not Anti-Feminist. You’re Against the Hateful Idiots Calling Themselves Feminists.

The issue with the criticism of feminism is that the idiots shouting, “rape culture” and “mansplaining” aren’t feminists, they’re hateful schizophrenic fascists, and we shouldn’t let them take over feminism.

I’m sure you’ve seen the video of Big Red completely losing her mind and shouting everyone down who dared to disagree with her. This is just one of many crazy hateful women who has taken feminism and turned it into something perverse.

Feminism is supposed to be about equality, claiming both men and women should be equal socially and legally. Feminists got women the vote and made it possible for women to enter the workforce. These raging idiots on the street are just screaming about how much they hate men while generalizing and belittling half of the population because of their gender. This is not feminism.

Let’s use as an example the phrase “mansplaining”. This is a term that is used when a man is talking down or being disrespectful to a woman. The idea here is, it’s not because the man is an a-hole or a jerk, nor is he just having a bad day or maybe just doesn’t like you as a person. No, this man is talking down to you because you are a woman. He is asserting his dominance as a man to make you, a woman, feel small.

This is pure sexism. To claim that these actions are characteristic of a person based on their gender is the definition of sexism. Can a woman mansplain? Can a man mansplain to another man? No? Then it’s sexist. Sexism goes against feminist principles since the idea of equality between the genders states that both men and women are equal and deserving of the same level of dignity and respect.

I don’t know about you, but claiming a person has no authority to talk about a subject because he happened to be born a man doesn’t seem respectful to me. Saying that a man who is being a douche is doing so because he is a man seems counter to the ideas of equality. These people are not feminists, they spit in the face of feminism, they are the opposite of feminism.

The question is, why are we allowing them to take over feminism? The answer is, we shouldn’t. They can’t have feminism, it belongs to us.

Emilio Garcia
Contributor to The Unshackled
Host of the Front and Center Podcast

Emilio Garcia

Emilio Garcia Deputy Editor, The Unshackled Host of The Front and Center Podcast

  • Paul Thompson

    Another example of how Cultural Marxism exploits every possible division it can find, to advance its odious ideoliogy. These “unfuckable”, virtue-signalling misandrists are just Communists, disguised as Feminists.

  • bobfairlane

    I am anti Feminist. Feminism is a misnomer. Feminism is anti femininity. Feminism is semitic. Semitism is anti White.

  • Eric Tiberius Duckman

    No, I’m against feminism itself. The basis of feminism, the notion that women, as a group, currently get or have historically gotten the short end of the stick is hateful. It’s exactly the same way anti-semites talk about jews.