Being an Alt-Right Woman in Two Steps

Alt-Right, Nationalism, Recourse

The first step is to learn to love yourself. Some in the movement may find this difficult to read, however most of us can relate because we struggled to swallow this initially strange and foreign reality; when we come to terms with our inner beauty. The same strength and courage displayed by generations of our ancestors, what our parents and their parents tried hard to cultivate, to ensure that your genes where the best of the best.

We are attracted to defining ourselves to continue our legacy to be the best of the best, it is in our nature as human beings to be the ‘fittest’. We by design have developed ourselves to be a reflection of what we want in a mate. A woman who wants the fittest and strongest of men, would need to make sure they were of good enough quality themselves to attract that kind of mate. Unfortunately, in recent times we have come to this place in time where often we have been tempted to downgrade ourselves to fit into the ever-changing society that surrounds us.

The “fat acceptance” movement as a prime example of this. They have concluded that we have to accept every body shape imaginable because to do otherwise will hurt some feelings. Of course it will hurt your feelings, and you should be ashamed that you let your laziness and lack of motivation to take a vice grip on you and cause you to become debilitated, a literal prisoner inside your fat cave of self-hatred. People have become bitter in themselves because they aren’t the fittest, and these people deserve no attention. They have failed at the genetic pool of success, in less civilised placed they would be too unfit, too slow and probably be eaten by a predator. The fittest and most lean woman would have the pick of the human kingdom at getting a mate, providing them with the protection of the top of the genepool.

You’ll find that in today’s capitalistic society that men who have the most money, the men who can afford to be fat and lazy, tend to have the cream of the crop when it comes to women. You’ll see that these men do not produce strong and resilient offspring. These men attract women that are not of quality, these women seek these men because they have nothing to give the world but their bodies and their dim-witted ideas.

You would never see an intelligent woman with one of these men; you would see them with fit men, men of strong character and potentially the poorer financially. These good men who will challenge them mind, body and spirit. We have let money cause us to become complacent and lazy, we have made it rule our lives and stop thinking of developing our genepool. That which would continue to make us the best in the human kingdom.

Why is this? How can we change this? How can we work together as a community to build ourselves up? To strive to be the diamond of society. When did we let ourselves become weak men and ‘women’? When did we become complacent and unjust to ourselves? Did we stop holding each of our own people accountable to our own actions against ourselves?

The second step is even more difficult than the first as it requires patience and resolve. Something we have lost since the age of technology arrived at our door, our determination and ambition. We have become weak and almost daft in how we deal with things. No one has the time for our community and or fellow man. We’ve been spoilt by having everything at our fingertips. Our people have become anxiety ridden, rarely having to wait for their desires, struggling to mature so we can deal with complex human mannerisms. To struggle is to resist, something which cannot be done by a person of poor character, thus as life throws these tests at us we either fall or grow, learning to be thick skinned and develop.

Having a thick skin is imperative in the movement; you receive insults and even fists thrown at you whether you’re a man or a woman. We are not like the left, and do not let our emotions define us. Our achievements, resolve and strength is what characterises us.

The only way to get through this world is to have a very good idea of who you are, to have control of your emotions, your very core being. Perhaps this sounds like some mumbo-jumbo some hippy from Melbourne might have cooked up in their “herb” garden, but it does not make it any less true.

To what lengths are you willing to go to ensure that your ideals, your people’s survival and image is preserved for the future?

The only way you can be in control of your mind, body and spirit is when you know who you are, your history and your legacy that has been passed down through generations. Your culture must be deeply rooted in your identity. To be willing to fight for that, to be willing to help one of your own. You are required to accept all that has happened in the past, and to ensure that your legacy is based off a rock that will remain intact for years to come.

When a war comes, and it looks like it will – cars, money and materials will not save you.

This is a call to all the women out there who want our society to retain its beauty and it’s strength. To keep this life. Come join the fight, come join the right side.

Strive to be the type of quality woman to attract your ideal man. Stop complaining about life’s struggles and instead learn from them. If you want to maintain the future and keep it safe for your children, you need to fight for it… deliberately!