SJW Call Dove Commercial Racist, Latina Woman in the Ad Debunks their Claim

Political correctness, Race, Regressive Left, Social Media

When something completely debunks the social justice warrior crowd’s claim of racism, they ignore it.

A social media campaign by Dove has caused outrage online. This campaign features an ad that shows women taking off their shirts to reveal another woman underneath. What was the issue? A black woman took off her shirt to reveal a white woman underneath (pause for impact).

Why is this racist? The simple answer is that it isn’t, but a trip down the self-loathing, trigger happy, demented, crazed, leftist internet that will say that the ad is racist because it implies white women are better or superior than black women, because the implication is the soap would turn the black woman white.

However, there’s one thing these SJWs and schizophrenics ignore. Check out the video below, can you see what they failed to consider?



Didn’t get that? Well, the white woman who was exposed after the black woman takes off her shirt proceeds to reveal a Latina woman underneath her tee shirt. Three women of three different races are shown in this ad.

So why did the Latina woman get ignored? Plain and simple, because it throws the claim of racism straight out the window. This shifts the narrative from a black woman using soap to become a white woman, to an ad that just shows a transition from one woman to another. Nothing shady, nothing racist.